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Carbon Neutral Indiana

Novel - From Taps to Hope by Greg Kempf

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 Greg Kempf is a carbon neutral household is Indiana. After spending decades as an automobile engineer - including earning 15 patents for hybrid engines - he retired. His first project? Writing this 224 page novel about climate change.

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"Joe Johnson is a workaholic director at the Department of Climate Change formed after a series of climate mega-disasters. Having led the team to fully replace fossil fuel power with renewables, he’s now embarked on an even more difficult assignment, reigning in emissions from global warming feedbacks before it’s too late to stabilize global temperatures.

His wife, Bev, leaves him after yet another argument, realizing this endeavor will make it nearly impossible to have the family she craves. Joe’s miserable without her and convinces her to try one last reconciliation.

When Joe’s childhood friend visits for supplies to rebuild an orphanage in his care, they are overwhelmed by tales about the climate devastated Marshall Islands. Moved by the orphans’ hardships, Bev forms a group to help find them loving families. They’re unsuccessful in their own attempts to conceive and undergo In Vitro Fertilization. After the first implant ends in miscarriage, they adopt a sibling pair of the orphans.

After settling back home, Bev becomes part of Joe’s team and together they plunge into a final hope to reduce emissions, freshly inspired for the future of their children."